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Septic Installation in Redmond, Oregon

Installing Septic Systems or replacing an existing Septic Tank can be expensive and stressful. There are regulations to adhere to, permits to get, and plumbing and environmental issues to take into account. It’s best to work closely with a licensed septic tank company such as Parker North West in Redmond, Oregon.

Septic Installation Company Bend, Oregon

Septic Tank Installation

Site Evaluation: The first step in a septic tank installation is to determine the size of a drainage field and septic tank your setup requires. Factors to consider in this are an estimation of the amount of wastewater your house will produce, and the inspection of the soil in your yard. We will examine your site in two different ways – with a percolation or “per test” or perform a site evaluation.

Septic System Installation: After you have checked all the local regulations and soil quality, got permits and determined the size of septic tank you need, the septic system installation can begin. Installing a septic tank usually requires a backhoe to dig an adequate size hole since septic tanks are usually underground. At Parker North West in Redmond, Oregon, we take care of all the excavation services. Part of the initial installation is to plan for Inlet and Outlet pipes.

Leach Field

The leaching field size is dependent upon several factors including septic tank size, soil type and absorptive capacity, and the wastewater absorption technology you will be using.

The leaching field location in your yard will be determined by local regulations, slope of your yard and where your home is located on that slope, and the soil composition in varying parts of your yard.

Septic Inspection

A septic inspection is a necessary procedure for any home that uses one. New homebuyers should always have a septic tank inspected on a property they are considering buying in order to determine if the septic system is working properly. Most septic inspections are done without digging up the septic tank and system parts in order to verify that it is working properly.

Septic Tank Maintenance

There are several common problems that result from poorly maintained septic systems, even though they are designed to last for decades. Foul odors, inadequate filtering of wastewater, and leakage of toxic solids from the septic tank.

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